Constructing Appropriate Agreements In Your Workplace 


 Misclassification poses significant risks for both employers and workers. 

Constructing appropriate workplace agreements involves correctly classifying workers as either employees or contractors. This determination has significant legal and financial implications. Misclassification, where an employee is erroneously designated as a contractor, can lead to liabilities under the Fair Work Act (2009). It's essential to understand that the mere stipu

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Builders, Pay Attention!

Unlock the potential of your building business with 100 expert tips sourced from successful Australian builders. This invaluable resource is available for free download!

Imagine the possibilities when a group of industry experts collaborates. The result? A comprehensive guide designed to help builders expand their businesses.

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Employee Mental Health

As an employer it is probable that you will manage/or even already have managed an employee that is impacted by mental health. Mental health issues significantly increased during the pandemic and research says that at least one in five people will experience a mental health issue every year. As an employer it is important to check in with your employees, to take the matter seriously and provide resources and suppor

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As a community we have become a lot more aware of the impact of bullying and the need to prevent it. From primary school age, children are now encouraged to stand up to bullies and in the workplace, there is a strong focus on preventing bullying behaviour. This is a good thing. The flip side is that ‘bullying’ is a term that gets bandied about, often inappropriately. Many managers that I speak to are nervous about managing poor performance or intervening in situations because they are unsure if the behaviour they are
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How well does your workplace respond to an emergency? It is a well-established fact that companies which are not compliant in terms of first aid readiness are more likely to suffer grave repercussions. This is from both business and legal perspectives. The hours of manpower lost and cost of healthcare can actually be minimal compared to monetary penalties imposed by government agencies for non-compliance to set rules. Contributor Katrina McKinnon explains further.... The WHS Act mandates any business or en
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Worksafe Study in Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry report – key findings by Worksafe Australia The positives
  • have a health and safety policy;
  • have procedures for reporting health and safety injuries and illnesses;
  • provide their workers with health and safety training; and
  • have procedures in place to control hazards
  • most workers and employers believe there is good communication of health and safety issues,
  • majority of workers reported following correct healt
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Failure to report a notifiable incident

In a recent OHS matter, a firm pleaded guilty to failing to notify WorkSafe of a serious head injury sustained by an employee in a stock room and for failing to maintain & preserve the incident site for when the inspector arrived. Under health and safety legislation what is critical for you as an Employer to note is; you are required to notify the major health and safety body in your state or territory of all notifiable incidents that occur in your workplace. Why this case is important and why we wanted to bri
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What is a disability?

Given the news about "morning sickness" and a decision by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) which confirmed it is a disability for the purposes of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010. It is worth revisiting what is a disability or impairment is a protected attribute for the purposed of the Act. This is critical because it means if you disadvantage an employee based on a disability or impairment, you may be liable under anti-discrimination legislation. Disability includes:
  • physical illnes
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OHS Slips & Trips

OH&S claims can come about when you least expect it. To ensure that your workplace is in order you need to be aware of everything that could have the potential in finding your business in trouble. It is always important to be aware of common causes of slips and trips and these include:
  • objects lying on the floor;
  • a slippery floor surface
  • loose flooring;
  • view of the floor obscured
  • power cords across the floor
  • unsuitable footwear
What are so
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OHS – What to look for in an inspection March 2015

Outlined below are just some of the key areas you or your supervisors should be reviewing and taking note of when you conduct an OHS inspections. You should have your own checklist so this is a good set of areas to overlay and compare to what you are using currently and make any adjustment you might need to:
  • work practices
  • emergency evacuation plan
  • hazardous materials
  • machines
  • signs/posters
  • plant and equipment
  • physical structure/building site it
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