Worksafe Study in Manufacturing

Worksafe Study in Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry report – key findings by Worksafe Australia

The positives

  • have a health and safety policy;
  • have procedures for reporting health and safety injuries and illnesses;
  • provide their workers with health and safety training; and
  • have procedures in place to control hazards
  • most workers and employers believe there is good communication of health and safety issues,
  • majority of workers reported following correct health and safety procedures ie PPE

The negatives

  • small proportion of employers said that corrective action is not always taken when health and safety issues are raised;
  • about 13% of employers and 30% of workers believe that risks are unavoidable in the workplace;
  • around 14% of workers who were exposed to hazards reported no control measures for those hazards; and

Summary: a higher proportion of workers from manufacturing reported exposure to airborne hazards, noise and vibration compared to workers in other industries

Question to ask: am I doing all I can as an Employer in area of OHS?

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