Software and Advice Solution (HR Central Subscription)

HR Central offers your business an HR subscription that combines cloud based software and HR Specialist advice and guidance.

Our Software helps you manage your day to day HR administration, such as record keeping, policies and procedures and process management. However, Human Resources is people based, so in conjunction with our IT solution, you can access advice from our HR Specialists at any time, to talk over those more intricate matters.   Read on to learn more about our software…

Here are just a few of the features included in your HR Central Subscription

HR Policies for compliance

Your employees read and agree to your policies to ensure everyone is aware of your expectations around behaviours and process within your workplace.

Employee documents

Store your HR documentation in one secure location, access your HR templates and guides, and create files for each employee, storing contracts, job descriptions and disciplinary notes.

Store required qualifications and input, track and receive reminders when certifications and licences are expiring, helping your organisation to remain compliant and that training and certifications are up to date.

Submit, approve or deny leave in minutes. Managers dashboard and leave calendar  ensures no leave requests are missed and all employees leave can be seen at any given time.

Be kept up to date with all the latest information on state and national legislation changes, wage increases, Fair Work and NES updates as well as helpful information about public holidays and general HR topics from the HR Central Specialist team.

You can also keep your employees up to date with your organisation news such as Christmas holiday information, rosters and company events.

Use the HR Central software to send job offers and contracts to candidates. Your candidate will receive your offer via email and can review and sign their contract electronically.

Run reports on staff, leave, performance, terminations, compliance and qualifications.

Rank performance, and prepare strategy and planning for staff development.

Monitor hours worked by our simple time sheeting function.

Unlimited HR Specialist advice via email or telephone, for all your HR questions and concerns.

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