HR Central have put together a range of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Employment and Leave of Absence.  These are two areas that we get asked about a lot and have decided to make these FAQ’s available to you, (usually only available with an HR Central Subscription*), to help you make informed decisions.

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General Employment Questions

Employing anyone, even one person, requires adherence to workplace laws as set out in the Fair Work Act (Cth) 2009.  This is a federal act that applies to all of Australia.

As an employer you have both rights and responsibilities to your employees to ensure that they are:

  • Paid Correctly
  • Treated respectfully without discrimination
  • Work in an environment that is safe (both physically and mentally)

In addition, employees have certain entitlements around wages and salaries, hours worked and working conditions in general.

We can help you with any information, advice or support regarding all of the above. You can take a look at our employment questions or call us on 1300 717 721.


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Leave Of Absence Questions

Leave is a major component of employment.  There are various types of leave available to an employee – with the main two types being annual leave and personal leave (including sick leave and carers leave).   Leave must be paid in accordance with whatever Award, EBA or Contract (between Employer and Employee) states and what is deemed fair and right as per the Fair Work Act (Cth) of 2009.

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