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The HR Central Program is for Bookkeepers, Accountants, Lawyers and Trusted Advisors

If your client’s are seeking your advice regarding HR issues


You wish that you could help/support them with their HR


You are looking to extend your business service offerings in this competitive arena, this could well be for you.

The program is both simple and beneficial for you to offer an HR solution to your clients with the HR experience, knowledge and liability resting with us.   There is flexibility with the Partnership to suit the working relationship that you have with your client. HR Central provide training, guidance and support to ensure you are suitably equipped to become such a Partner.

We provide:

Employment Contracts | HR Templates | Policies | Award Intepretation | Performance Management

As well as other HR services and integrations with MYOB | XERO



Fill out the contact form and one of our Partner Managers will be in touch soon to discuss the many benefits for both you and your client when you join the HR Central Partner Program.

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