Absent…but still at work?

Employees can be physically absent from work, but what happens when they are ‘absent’ when they are still working?There can be many reasons for this - some employees might feel unmotivated or under challenged in their current role, some may be looking for another job already and just riding it out until they secure one and some might have already given notice but really have no desire to still be there for their notice period.In situations such as this, Employers need to act. If an Employee gives notice and it’
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At HR Central, we are constantly reinforcing the fundamental need for the importance of HR policies in the workplace.

The top tips for implementing policies in any business are as follows:

  • Make the policies simple and easy to read
  • Ensure your employees are aware of these policies and have access to them at all times
  • Train & educate your employees about what these policies mean in the workplace.
  • Keep records of all of the above!
On the surf
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HR policies and procedures

There are many benefits to implementing policies and procedures in the workplace and one of these benefits includes allowing an organisation to effectively control and manage its workforce.Regardless of whether the breaches are inadvertent or intentional, you must be equipped to manage these breaches. Having the policy in place is the 1st step and making your employees aware of them is a key part of this process.Therefore, when a serious breach occurs the course of action is clear.However not all of the breaches of p
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