An HR Audit can have only positive effects on your business…


An HR Audit can help mitigate the risk to your business!  

There has been a significant rise in employee claims since the Fair Work Act was introduced, back in 2009.  Many businesses, regardless of their size, have suffered the dire financial consequences of being pulled through the Fair Work ringer. This may have occurred as a result of underpayment of wages, unfair dismissal claims or adverse action claims, to name but a few. Continue Reading


HR Compliance is often put in the "too hard basket."

As a result, employers often ignore the most basic of requirements.  In reality there are solutions to make HR Compliance simple and easy to follow. HR Central it is about breaking down the the big, overwhelming picture of compliance and allowing you, as an Employer, to build the blocks of compliance in a business-friendly fashion.

Communication is key to HR Compliance

The model of Employee Relations versus Industrial Relations, (where a third par
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