JobKeeper Extension

Good news for Employers, the ATO has granted a JobKeeper extension, allowing more time for businesses to pay their workers and get their applications in.

First Two Fortnight Key Dates:

Fortnights One (Mar 30 - Apr 12) and Two (Apr 13 - 26) Employee Payments:   May 8th (was April 30th) JobKeeper Program Enrolment:  May 31 (was April 30) video		</div><!-- .entry-content -->
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Can I stand employees down?
Yes you can. Can I direct my team to work different hours or in a different place, even if they have been stood down? Yes you can. You must consult with your employee before directing them to ​change their work hours, work at a different location, or work differently. These changes must be beneficial for the ongoing employment of themselves and/or other employees.
You can change duties so long as the duties are within
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