JobKeeper Extension


JobKeeper Extension

Good news for Employers, the ATO has granted a JobKeeper extension, allowing more time for businesses to pay their workers and get their applications in.

First Two Fortnight Key Dates:

Fortnights One (Mar 30 – Apr 12) and Two (Apr 13 – 26)

Employee Payments:   May 8th (was April 30th)

JobKeeper Program Enrolment:  May 31 (was April 30)

What does this mean?

So long as you are enrolled by 31 May (provided you meet all eligibility criteria, including paying eligible staff by May 8) you will still be able to claim JobKeeper from the start (FN01, commencing Mar 30).

NOTE: If you do not pay your staff by May 8th, you will not be able to claim JobKeeper for the first two fortnights.

If you wish to enrol please click here:

If you are unsure that you are eligible, or have any further questions about the JobKeeper,  please don’t hesitate to call
1300 717 721 or email
We encourage you to contact us if you are unsure of what your legal obligations are regarding your employees at this time.

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