JobKeeper – Key Dates 15 April 2020 


We can confirm JobKeeper Key Dates (as at 15 April, 2020) are as follows:


  • JobKeeper program enrolments open in the Business Portal 


  • DEADLINE: Eligible Employee Payments (Fortnights 30/3 to 12/4 and 13/4 to 26/4) 
  • DEADLINE: JobKeeper program enrolment 

MAY 4 

  • Confirmation of eligible employees commences 

 So what does the JobKeeper Process look like?

You will need to follow this process to make sure JobKeeper works for you as you expect it. Some of this requires financial information/detail that is outside the HR realm, so we recommend you work with your bookkeeper and/or accountant where you need to.  

 Register you interest (see Registration of Interest below) 

  • Check you are eligible (see Am I eligible? below) and if so from when.
  • Check which employees are eligible (see Are my employees eligible? below) 
  • Pay each of those eligible employees a minimum of $1500 a fortnight starting from the first fortnight you are eligible (the first fortnight is 30 Mar – 12 Apr). As there has been some uncertainty around eligibility etc, the ATO is giving some leeway on payment of the first two fortnights. 30/3-12/4 and 13/4-26/4 Payment Deadline APRIL 30. 
  • Notify your employees you are planning to claim JobKeeper on their behalf and have them return a form confirming they are not enrolled elsewhere. (You can get the for here:—employee-nomination-notice/) 
  • Be sure to Enrol (See Enrolment below) JobKeeper Program enrolment Deadline APRIL 30. 
  • Confirm your eligible employees (see Confirm eligible employees below) – from May 4 

 You can read the full detail on the ATO site (

Registration of Interest 

If you have registered your interest, please note that you are not yet enrolled in the program.

If you are not one of the 800,000 or so businesses who have already registered interest – go here: 


Enrolments will be open April 20 – April 30. 

This process will be completed using the Business Portal and MyGovID (your bookkeeper/accountant can help here). 

In the online form, you will provide your bank details and indicate if you are claiming an entitlement based on business participation, for example if you are a sole trader. 

You will also specify the estimated number of employees who will be eligible for the first JobKeeper fortnight (30 March – 12 April) and the second JobKeeper fortnight (13 April – 26 April). 

 Am I eligible? 

There are some simple ways to confirm you are eligible, and where your case is not ‘the norm’ and you don’t fit those ways, there are other options, (talk to your bookkeeper/accountant about this).

Are my employees eligible? 

  • are they employed by you (including those stood down or re-hired) 
  • were they either a : permanent full-time or part-time employee at 1 March 2020 
  • are they a long-term casual employee (employed on a regular and systematic basis for at least 12 months) as at 1 March 2020 and not a permanent employee of any other employer 
  • were they at least 16 years of age on 1 March 2020 
  • were they an Australian resident as at 1 March 2020 within the meaning of the Social Security Act 1991, which requires that they reside in Australia, and are one of an Australian citizen, the holder of a permanent visa, or a Protected Special Category Visa Holder. More information about these requirements can be found from the Services Australia website under residence descriptions. Your employee can also be an Australian tax resident who is a Special Category (Subclass 444) Visa Holder. Employees who are not permanent residents of Australia must notify you of their visa status to allow you to determine if they are eligible. 
  • were they not in receipt of any of these payments during the JobKeeper fortnight 
  • are on government parental leave or Dad and partner pay 
  • are receiving a payment in accordance with Australian worker compensation law for an individual’s total incapacity for work 
  • agree to be nominated by you 

Full details can be found here: 


Do I have to pay all my eligible employees? 


What if my eligible employee doesn’t work or doesn’t earn $1500 gross? 

You will need to make a top up payment to get their gross figure to $1500. 

If someone is not working at all, this payment will need to be $1500 for the fortnight. 

If someone earns $1000 gross, this payment will need to be $500 for the fortnight. 

Confirm eligible employees 

Provided you have followed the preceding steps (Enrolment and Payments) you need to Identify your eligible employees in the application form by 

  • selecting employee details that are pre-filled from your STP pay reports if you report payroll information through an STP enabled payroll solution, or 
  • manually entering employee details in ATO online services or the Business Portal if you do not use an STP enabled payroll solution, or 
  • using a registered tax agent who will submit a report on your behalf through online services for agents. 

When you submit this confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS. 

From this point: 

  • You need to notify your eligible employees you have nominated them. 
  • You will be paid the JobKeeper payment for all eligible employees. 

Then each month you will complete a JobKeeper Declaration Report: 

  • You need to reconfirm that your reported eligible employees have or have not changed through ATO online services, the Business Portal or via your registered tax agent. 
  • You need to provide some information as to your current and projected turnover. 


We understand that this is a lot of information to take in and encourage you as noted to get in touch with us on 1300 717 721 

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