Happy New Year’s Resolutions!


Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Welcome Back!  It’s 2017.

The start of a New Year calls for some New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions don’t just have to be personal, such as getting fit, or cutting out sugar, they can be business focused too. Perhaps you have management resolutions in place, such as ideas around reviewing your staff management to assist in a more successful and productive year? Plans to get more organised or exploring new systems/technology to help you work more effectively may also be on your list.

HR Central’s New Year’s Resolutions…

Here are some of HR Central’s New Year’s Resolutions that any manager or business owner may like to consider:

  1. Get the right systems in place.

    Chaos and disorganisation can be detrimental when trying to manage others. It is important to have structure and procedures in place to ensure that you are effective and on top of everything that is going on. Diary management, clean desk policies and email management are a few things to keep in mind to help maintain order.

    These days there are online systems for management of nearly everything a business may need. Project management software, accounting software and HR management software can all add a lot of value to your business. Identify where you need help to streamline your procedures to save you precious time and money and then don’t be afraid to outsource! It is often not nearly as expensive as you may think, and it will allow you more time to focus on the things that have the greatest business impact such as business growth, increasing sales and so forth. (insert link to our software page), learn more

  2. Work Life Balance.

    After the majority of staff have had some leave over December/January, they may more than ever appreciate the need to maintain a healthy work life balance. For example, exercising more is often a priority in the warmer months as is also the opportunity to enjoy the good weather and spend time with family and friends. Encouraging your staff to leave at the correct time is one small yet positive way you can support this. Other ways to support Work Life Balance may include flexible working arrangements to suit children starting school, partners changing jobs, or it may be due to another personal matter such as caring for a relative. You may find after some time for reflection staff may come to you to discuss whether or not this is available, read more.

  3. Finding the right employees.

    Coming back to work with a clear mind and focus on the year ahead may mean that you will be looking at expansion which could include hiring more staff. This process is critical to get right. The right employee can be the greatest asset you will ever have in your business, find out more about hiring do’s and don’t here

HR Central is an easy solution for your HR. We have a team of HR Specialists, who are able to come to your business, look at what HR you have in place currently, assess and identify your needs and develop/modify templates, policies and procedures that align with your business strategy.

Happy New Year!

HR Central

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