Establishing and Communicating targets for employees


Establishing and Communicating targets for employees

How do you go about establishing and communicating targets for employees?  The success of your business revolves around your ability to meet targets and goals!

An employer’s failure to clearly establish targets for an employee.  As well as failing to monitor the employee against those targets, or to provide feedback and support him resulted in a finding of unfair dismissal in Fair Work Commission (FWC).

FWC made clear it was the employer’s responsibility to make employees aware of performance standards and the consequences of failure. This did not occur.   The FWC also stated that a four minute meeting dismissing the employee didn’t properly document failure to meet performance targets.  This is not an appropriate way to deal with the dismissal of an employee for performance reasons.

“…Documentation is not to be seen as a mere administrative nuisance but enables both an employer and employee to monitor, in an objective manner, performance and progression against documented standards” – FWC.

As a result, the FWC ordered the employer to compensate the employee in the amount of $9,500.

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