Casual to Permanent – A Proposed New Clause

Casual to Permanent – A Proposed New Clause

The ACTU is seeking to create a clause giving more than two million casual workers the right to become permanent employees.

This is aimed at what the ACTU call “permanent in everything but name, not genuine casuals such as students who work irregular hours in bars or restaurants, but those people genuinely working permanent hours and deserve to have that recognised”.

It is has been argued for a long times that casuals are disadvantaged by having insecure jobs. This makes it harder to get loans, rent a house or access training and promotions. This then limits their ability to become permanent, which  is critical in the eyes of the workers Unions.

This case will be strongly opposed by employers who argue that casuals prefer the nature of the work and the loading associated with casual pay rates.

This submission is not expected to be heard by the Fair Work Commission till later in the year , so no action is required at this stage. However it always pays to be aware of the agenda items at the top of the Union lists.

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