HR Central – Supporting Small Business in Stonnington


HR Central – Supporting Small Business in Stonnington

HR Central is proud to be part of the Stonnington Council Community and is introduced in the July/August edition of “InStonnington”  in supporting Small Business.

As a business that offers expertise, support, advice and guidance to small businesses in the area, HR Central CEO, Damien Gooden believes there are several factors that enable HR Central to deliver. One key factor, he believes, is the importance of having a great team, and providing your staff with the right environment is essential for this.

Here are Damien’s top 5 priorities that attribute to a positive environment in business:  

  1. Open and direct two-way Communication (especially around strategy and direction). A good leader is an effective communicator as well as a good listener.
  2. Empowering staff.  Don’t micromanage. Let your staff take control of their role to help build their confidence and feel supported and trusted.
  3. Recruiting staff who share the same values as your business to help maintain a harmonious, positive and high-performing culture.
  4. Flexibility/creativity with working hours – part-time, flexible working hours and working from home. Supporting good people in their different life stages/or in support of work life balance encourages loyalty and appreciation from staff.
  5. Effective tools and technology to increase efficiency.



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