Pay slips – Fines for not providing to Employee’s

Pay slips – Fines for not providing to Employee’s

Stratton finance has been fined a total of $124,000 for multiple failures to provide pay slips to its employees.

This is a relatively large firm (around 100 employees) and the judge said given this, it should have been sufficiently aware of its obligations and had well trained staff to ensure they were met.

Although this case began with only one employee complaint the Fair Work Ombudsman investigated beyond the original complaint, which is very common.

Comment/Lessons to learn: It is important to be totally aware of what all your legal obligations are with respect to your employees. It is worth noting, that the level of expectation around you being adequately resourced to meet your obligations grows as your business grows. Also, while a complaint may only start with one employee, the Fair Work Ombudsman can look beyond that first issue or complaint to look at your entire workforce.

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