The HR Central Franchise HR Helpdesk – what it is and how it can help your Franchise

HR Central now offers those in franchising (Franchisors and Franchisees), the option to call a dedicated advisory help desk for assistance with anything HR related (Franchise HR Helpdesk).  It has been created as an additional support service to ensure that any Franchisor or Franchisee avoids any of the risk factors to their business as listed above.If you are facing a HR issue, they can HR Central’s Franchising HR Helpdesk on 1300 032 247 and speak directly to a HR Specialist from HR Central. The HR Specialist will ask a series of questions relating to the issue, starting with the member’s identification, so that a file can be created for that member. The HR Specialist will listen to what the member is calling about and endeavour to provide a solution during the discussion. In some instances, a guideline or template will be sent to the member to further assist with a specific situation or to have as a reference for the future. See the table below. At this point, there is no charge for the phone call, or advice/guidelines given by the HR Specialist.

We offer plain speaking advice. Nothing complicated.  We want you to be assured and confident, not confused.

Should your situation require further or ongoing assistance:

Upon the request, our HR Specialists will compile and send a written proposal to the member, with information regarding processes going forward. This way the member can decide whether they would like to go ahead. There is no obligation.

The proposal will outline any fee for the service based on the solution specified.

Payment will be billed directly to the member. No invoice will be issued until both the member and HR Central have signed off on the proposal.


Included in free service

Fee for Service

We talk about

We provide

We can also look at

Managing your staff – General Advice
– Employee Warning Template
– Performance Review Templates and Action Plans
– Position Descriptions and Employment Contracts
– Policies and Procedures
– Exit Interview documents
– Team Building Training
– Employee Wellness Program
– Salary review (e.g. HAYS)
– KPI creation
– Bonus scheme/commission
Exiting your staff – General Advice
– Termination letter template
– Guidance resource on how to conduct meetings
– Termination fact sheet
– Termination checklist
Paying your staff – General Advice
– Title/Classification hourly rate confirmation
– Simple Award Finder Service
– PDF copy of relevant Award
– Full Review of Positions/Titles/Responsibilities
– Details of specific award provisions and their application in your workforce
HR Documentation – General Advice
– Various Templates, Fact Sheets (depending on needs)
– Common Contract Clauses
– Policy handbook or individual policies
– Contract or individual clauses
– Template letters
– Template procedures

HR Central work very closely with the Franchise space and have an excellent HR solution for Franchisors to rollout across their entire workplace to ensure compliance and HR best practice. Call 1300 032 247 for further information.

Some of the areas that HR Central can help a Franchise with are:
Compliance | Contracts | Policies | Procedures | Ensuring legal requirements are met | Ensuring exposure to risk is minimised | Advice on the Fair Work Act and other relevant legislation | Strategic HR planning | OH&S assessments, management systems and training | Organisational structure reviews | HR Reviews | Tailored training courses, workshops and seminars | Workplace mediation and dispute resolution | Investigations; bullying, harassment, discrimination, victimisation | EBA negotiations | Equal Opportunity Training | Salary benchmarking | Cultural assessments | Talent management, succession and development planning | Recruitment | Outplacement support | Career coaching | Administer and interpret candidate testing | Employee engagement surveys

As a franchisor, you should take steps to make sure your franchisees are compliant with workplace laws.  The Fair Work Ombudsman has just recently released a “Guide to promoting workplace compliance in your franchise network”.

Don’t be at risk of fines and penalities, and damage to reputation and brand.  Ring HR Central to discuss ways that you can support your Franchise network in workplace compliance and HR best practice.

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“I sought out HR Central as outsourced HR to save me time and augment our current HR practices. They started by conducting an audit of our existing HR processes and took the time to understand the culture of our organization.  Every person I have worked with is quick to respond when I have a question and is knowledgeable about the direction I should take. I am especially happy with the quality service they provide to our franchisees. It has been great to have them as an HR partner as I focus on the other aspects of my position.”

Samra Tripodi, Financial Controller, PLUS FITNESS 

plus fitness

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