Guide To Promoting Workplace Compliance In Your Franchise Network – The Fair Work Ombudsman


Guide To Promoting Workplace Compliance In Your Franchise Network – The Fair Work Ombudsman

If you are a Franchisor, you may be interested in the news that last Friday 14 June, 2018 the Fair Work Ombudsman released a “Guide to promoting workplace compliance in your franchise network”.

The guide reflects the Protecting Vulnerable Workers Act 2017 that introduced provisions for Franchisors to be accountable in some circumstances if their Franchisees do not follow workplace law, (in many instances meaning HR obligations). HR Central has been working consistently with Franchisors to provide tailored HR processes and solutions to ensure that the Franchisor is compliant in their HR conduct, education, support, processes and monitoring of HR practices within their Franchise network.

Many Franchisors have signed on to HR Central and rolled out our service offering across their network, thus providing best practice advice and tools within their group. Incorporating an HR process into your Franchise business strategy minimises “legal and reputational risks to the workplace” and is a wise move indeed as we read more and more about fines and penalties owed by both Franchisors and Franchisees nation-wide.

HR Central want every Franchisor to know that there is help available to support them in interpreting and implementing the reasonable steps as outlined by Fair Work.  We work with many Franchise systems to ensure compliance regarding: National Employment Standards; Awards, Agreements and Workplace determinations; Pay Slips; Leave entitlements; Qualifications and Licensing renewals; and all other Record Keeping Information.

Franchisors can contact us here or any member of the Franchise Council of Australia can call the FCA HR Helpdesk on 1300 032 247 (13000 FCA HR) for advice at no charge.

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