Termination – Procedure

Termination – Procedure

A recent Fair Work Commission decision has once again highlighted the need for sound approach to how one deals with a companies termination procedure.

The commissioner said too many Employers use what he termed a “scattergun” approach , when in fact they should have more tightly identified the area so concern when they are considering termination.

It was almost as if they more the HR levelled against an employee , the more likely they would be found to be okay because there was bound to be something right in all the charges levelled at an employee.

So the key message coming out of the decision is to be very clear what it is you are speaking to the employee about – rather than just a broad brush ” breach of company policy ” – be clear and provide the employee’s the documents most central to the concerns you have with them.

This is where a third party like HR Central is able to assist you in the early stages, by framing the conversations and the documents in the right format , knowing something could end up in Fair Work.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

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