Successful Recruitment Principles – HR Workshop


Successful Recruitment Principles – HR Workshop

Our first of many workshops to come…

Last night HR Central hosted the first of many workshops to educate our clients on different areas of Human Resources.  Knowledgeable and talented HR Specialist, Leisa Rennie ran the first workshop on ‘Successful Recruitment Principles.’ 

Workshop attendees learnt all about Equal Employment Opportunity framework, recruitment strategies, job analysis & advertisement, how to shortlist candidates, how to run an interview, how to use psychometric testing, reference checks and ultimately how to choose which candidate to employee.  We encourage attendees to ask questions and air their concerns so that we can address and resolve their problems.  These workshops are a great opportunity for business to learn more about HR in a relaxed and social environment. In addition, the workshops also provide an opportunity for business-business networking.

HR Central provides HR Support to Small-Medium Businesses (SMEs).  By conducting these Workshops for our clients we are helping equip them with the HR tool and knowledge they require to operate efficiently and effectively and possible.

These HR Workshops are designed to assist SMEs with the tools and knowledge that they require to manage their in-house HR as efficiently & effectively as possible.

In addition to, a team of highly qualified HR specialists, HR Central also provides an HR Platform (HRIS). Our HR Platform, also called HR Central helps businesses to work in a paperless environment and manage their employees.

Our software manages employee Leave, Qualifications, Employment Documents, Policies & Procedures as well as providing a suite of  HR-Resources.  All of this is   available on a cloud based platform 24/7.*

To learn more about how HR Central can assist with your business HR, contact us at 1300 717 721.

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