7/11 – What now?

7/11 – What now?

As the media spotlight fades and the dust settles on the 7/11 underpayment issue, the question everyone must ask is “am I going to do anything different with my business now”?

The answer should be a strong yes, and at the top of the list should be to ensure you are meeting the minimum pay obligations to employees. This may include providing current wages sheets to all your locations and reinforcing the need to keep accurate employment records.

Another option to consider is undertaking a HR Audit of all your employment conditions including wages, penalties and HR policies and procedures.

HR Central specialises in providing this service to help businesses become aware of their minimum obligations and pro-actively assist in reaching those targets.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

Michael is a specialist in all things HR. With vast HR experience in the USA and Australia, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and advice to HR Central. When he's not blogging for HR Central you can find him out for dinner in one of Melbourne's newest restaurants.

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