End of Year Celebrations

End of Year Celebrations

As we head into our Christmas/end of year festivities its worth taking into account the following points as try to maintain reasonable behaviour across any planned events.

Everyone should still be able to have fun and these points are likely help you to reduce the chances that inappropriate behaviour or actions that may occur at your work functions.

  • Promote your code of conduct
  • Ensure employees understand that the rules for appropriate workplace behaviour
  • Limit employees’ ability to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

You can do this by:

  • Don’t make drinking the centre of the event
  • Provide loads of water and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Limiting drinks to beer and wine, try to avoid serving drinks with a high alcohol content
  • Ensuring there is enough food provided and that all dietary requirements are catered for
  • Provide range of transport options
  • Reinforce employees that it is their responsibility to drink alcohol responsibly
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the repercussions of excess drinking and of the legal driving limits
  • Designate a senior manager to monitor the event

Most of all, make sure your employees are able to relax and celebrate in a safe environment.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

Michael is a specialist in all things HR. With vast HR experience in the USA and Australia, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and advice to HR Central. When he's not blogging for HR Central you can find him out for dinner in one of Melbourne's newest restaurants.

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