The Power of The Fair Work Ombudsman

The Power of The Fair Work Ombudsman

So many companies are not aware of just how much power and influence is afforded to the Fair Work Ombudsman. If you don’t comply with a Fair Work Order, it is very likely the Fair Work Ombudsman will take the matter further and your company may face significantly higher costs and penalties.

A recent case involving the disregard of a Fair Work Order landed both the company and its direct in the Federal Court. The original order was to pay $2,200 in compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee who took their case the Fair Work Ombudsman after the company failed to pay the employee their relevant entitlements.

The Court imposed penalties of $41,182.50 to the company and $6,426 to the director, for their wilful failure to comply with both the Commission and the Fair Work Compensation order.

To give an indication of how serious the non-payment was, the penalties for the company and director constituted 82% and 63% of the maximum fines. HR Central is the perfect backbone to support you in avoiding the types of situations that can place you in these vulnerable positions.

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