Termination Reinstated

Termination Reinstated

Yet again an unfair dismissal case has shown the need to review all relevant factors before deciding to terminate an employee.

In a recent case, an employee was found to have been terminated for a valid reason i.e. for overcharging for expenses but in the end was reinstated into his position. This was due to a further review in the matter showing his long service and the mitigating factors around the decision making.

The employee offered to reimburse the company very early on in the process. The company did not immediately suspend the employee pending the investigation. It was decided that that perhaps a “zero tolerance” approach may not have been appropriate.

What this shows is the need to carefully consider any factor which might mitigate the original decision to terminate one’s service. This is where a 3rd party can be engaged to assist in providing an impartial review into any mitigating circumstances.


Michael O'Shaughnessy

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