Fair Work Ombudsman – Underpayments

Fair Work Ombudsman – Underpayments

Below is a great example of the possible consequences a business may face if allegations of underpayment of wages or other breaches are lodged against them.

In this case the Fair Work Ombudsman took legal proceedings against the former operator of a petrol station alleging two console operators were underpaid a total of almost $50,000.

The company allegedly owed the employees amounts of $25,621 and $21,637. These amounts accumulated between 2008 and 2013. It is expected that there will be difficulty in demonstrating compliance due to a lack of record keeping.

It has become quite common for other issues come to light as a result of fair work investigating wages. This case was the perfect example, as the company had also allegedly contravened record-keeping and pay slip laws.

It is important to note that the employees in this case contacted the Fair Work Ombudsman directly. Using a system such HR Central ensures base compliance and provides a mechanism to have queries lodged and resolved internally.

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