HR for Franchising

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HR Central can assist Franchisors and Franchisees with information and advice around compliancy with HR.

We have supported many Franchisors with a “roll out” across their entire network to provide information and processes to their Franchisees that assist them with running their businesses in accordance to workplace laws.

In addition, we can also provide support directly at Franchisee level to ensure business owners are aware of their HR obligations and what they need to do to ensure compliance in their workplace.

Some of the information we can provide for you covers:

  • Policies
  • Employment Contracts
  • HR Templates
  • Award Interpretation and Classification
  • Performance Management
  • Training – Compliance Training, EEO Training, Customer 101 Training, Leadership and more
  • Software for leave and licence renewal tracking
  • HR advice via phone or email

We also assist with recruitment, dispute resolution and terminations and redundancies.

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