Fair Work Increases Minimum Wage, following cuts to Penalty Rates


The Fair Work Commission increases the minimum wage to combat changes to Penalty Rates.

Yesterday the Fair Work Commission announced that they will be increasing the National Minimum Wage by 3.3%.   This increase will take place as of July 1st 2017 and is expected to increase weekly wages by $22.20.   While this may seem like a small increase, 2.3 million people in Australia will benefit from this decision.This decision follows on from another recent announcement surroun
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What is the real definition of a casual employees?  Are you sure your employees are legitimate casuals?

A recent decision from Fair Work Commission are worth reading when you are considering whether the employment of a new staff member is actually of a casual nature, or whether there is a more permanent relationship.The Commissioner stated :“Each set of facts in each case must be examined and that, if the number of hours worked is small and the gaps between days and times worked is long and irregular t
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