Upcoming Holiday considerations for your business:


Upcoming Holiday considerations for your business:

Are you a business owner that operates within an office environment – you should consider this idea about annual leave at Easter….

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If so, with Easter fast approaching, you may have a calendar that looks like this:

Date Day of the Week Is this a public holiday?
19th April 2019 Friday (Good Friday) Yes
20th April 2019 Saturday Yes (except Tas/WA)
21st April 2019 Sunday (Easter Sunday) Yes
22nd April 2019 Monday (Easter Monday) Yes
23 April 2019 Tuesday No
24th April 2019 Wednesday No
25th April 2019 Thursday (Anzac Day) Yes
26th April 2019 Friday No
27th April 2019 Saturday No
28th April 2019 Sunday No

As a result of Easter/Anzac falling in the same week, you may want to consider offering your staff three days of annual leave (Tuesday 23rd April, Wednesday 24th April and Friday 26th April), so they have a total of 10 consecutive days off work.

Why would you do this?

If your business can afford to either close or run on skeleton staff during this time, it gives some or all of your team a decent break as we head into the cooler months, with only a couple of public holidays available for the remainder of the year (until Christmas).  It’s a rare opportunity to have so many days that you can “string” together and a great offering for staff should they wish to travel or go somewhere a little further away than usual.  Plus it is encouraging them to use some of their paid leave.   And, with the months ahead that are more prevalent for sickness and days off, by providing this “refresher”, it may just abate some of those absent days, and provide a more healthy, focused and productive team for the busy months ahead.

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