Why HR Central?

HR Central is what businesses need to ensure legal compliance to a range of HR laws and regulations. Using a cloud based system, it ensures all key policies and procedures are available, read and understood by employees. We also provide consistent HR support, based on constantly updated material, delivered to you in easy to understand language.

In addition, HR Central can play the role of an “in house” HR resource for companies who can’t justify a full-time HR employee. HR Central is a low maintenance solution, available 24 hours, 7 days, to give you peace of mind that your HR requirements are covered.

Employers are adopting HR Central so they can track, record and monitor their employees’ awareness and understanding of key work place policies and procedures. Through its innovative login service, employees are notified via email when a policy needs to be read. Once the employee has actioned that notification, HR Central records that they have read and understood it.

Many recent Fair Work Commission decisions have highlighted the inadequacy of this type of record keeping by Employers. HR Central overcomes these concerns with a simple, secure location to store everything, without the hassle of maintaining paper based files.
HR Central has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section available to both Employers and Employees. It contains the answers to over 100 common HR questions in the workplace, right at your fingertips.

If your question is not so frequently asked, HR Central provides on-going support via email and telephone communication with our HR Specialists & Account Managers. We also give you the option to engage our in-house HR services which can be delivered on-site at your convenience.

HR Central have developed a step by step instruction guide relating to the documents and templates a business may need throughout the life cycle of an employee. These include: hiring, selection, orientation, performance management, recognition and termination. The resources you’ll need in each of these phases are fully branded to suit your company and are available on-line, with simple to follow instructions.