Work Related Injuries – The Employer’s Responsibility

Work Related Injuries – The Employer’s Responsibility

When it comes to dealing with workers who have injured themselves in the workplace, there are many factors you need to consider while establishing “an adjustment”

The first and primary question that must be asked: is the adjustment reasonable?

When contemplating this question, a business must consider the following elements:

–       what is the benefit to the employee

–       what would  be the effect on the employee if no adjustment were made

–       what would be the impact on the employer if the adjustment is made (costs/business operations impact)

–       what are the alternatives (if any)

–       how long will the adjustment need to remain in place

–       what is the overall impact the adjustment will have on staff, positive or negative

It is essential to look at these situations in a holistic sense before making any decisions. Engaging the advice of a third party like HR Central to review/validate any decision helps ensure a comprehensive impartial result is achieved.


Michael O'Shaughnessy

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