Welcoming new staff – the Induction Process


Welcoming new staff – the Induction Process

Last Thursday, HR Central held an information evening on Induction Processes, (welcoming new staff to your business), as one of our regular monthly sessions on HR topics for business owners, managers and HR representatives. These sessions are designed to equip attendees with tips and advice around managing their Human Resources.

Attendees learn how to successfully implement an induction program and the various benefits of doing so.

So, what does the Induction Process involve and why do I need to welcome and plan for new staff?

Correctly introducing a new employee into your business is more important than you might think.  The way you introduce a new employee into the workplace tells them a lot about the business’s time-management, communication and organisational skills. It also helps to encourage loyalty and establish a feeling of being made part of a team.  A well planned Induction Process also helps minimise interruption to your business and can ensure that productivity levels stay high.

First impressions do count so it’s important that you set the right tone from the start!

Benefits of properly welcoming new staff to your business include:

  • Allowing new employees to settle into their new role sooner.
    This means that your new employee will be more productive from the get go!
  • You are able to clearly outline what your expectations are from the start.
  • You reduce the short-term turnover of your staff.
    Recruitment is timely and costly – so an good Induction Process will make sure your new employees stick around!
  • You reduce risk to the business.
    Showing your new employees, the businesses policies & procedures and OHS Standards, will reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Our information sessions are structured in a way that attendees are free to ask as many questions as they like.  In addition, attendees can discuss their own work situations around the topic and be receive advice from our HR Specialists.  Feedback provided to us has indicated that participants leave feeling more knowledgeable and confident with regards to how they can handle various HR situations that can arise in the workplace.

HR Central workshops are designed so that you don’t need a background in HR to understand and implement the strategies and tools we provide.   Not only do these workshops represent a great learning opportunity, they are also an opportunity for businesses to network with each other and learn more about HR in a relaxed and social environment.

In order to find out more about how to establish a successful Induction Program, or information regarding upcoming workshops, call one of our HR Specialists who will be happy to discuss this with you.  1300 717 721

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