Underpayments of Wages – Director Fined

Underpayments of Wages – Director Fined

This case highlights the repercussions that can be felt by a company director following a Fair Work investigation.

The operators of the Mildura Battery Company Pty Ltd failed to apologise to an employee they had underpaid for six years and were fined almost $50,000.

Following legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman the company, which operates a wholesale battery business, has been penalised $39,270. In addition to that, company director Michael John Marquick was fined a further $7854.

The company was also ordered to fully rectify a $66,580 underpayment as well as pay additional interest of $3230.

The Court found that the underpayments were initially “careless”, rather than deliberate.  Engaging in a HR Central audit can pick up these “careless” actions and ensure compliance across the board.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

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