The importance of understanding pay rates


The importance of understanding pay rates

With over 122 Modern Awards with multiple classifications, understanding pay rates can be difficult.

Calculating the wrong pay rates can result in costly fines and back payments to your employees.

Recently, a business on Sydney’s north shore has had to back-paid three young employees almost $35,000.  The business told Fair Work inspectors it was not aware the correct pay rates and the extent of its obligations.  An expensive way to find out.

As Fair Work constantly says, “operators need to make an effort to get the basics right in the first place.”

At HR Central, we encourage and can help businesses to make sure they are fully aware and understanding of the wage rates applicable to their business and pay their employees accordingly.

The workplace laws can be complicated , so seeking external assistance is vital, to save you from costly errors.

If you would like some assistance with your pay rates or understanding award classifications call the office at 1300 717 721.



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