The importance of HR Policies in your business!

The importance of HR Policies in your business!

At HR Central, we are constantly reinforcing the fundamental need for the importance of HR policies in the workplace.

The top tips for implementing policies in any business are as follows:

  • Make the policies simple and easy to read
  • Ensure your employees are aware of these policies and have access to them at all times
  • Train & educate your employees about what these policies mean in the workplace.
  • Keep records of all of the above!

On the surface, these do not seem to onerous responsibilities.  However, recently we saw that following only one of these tips is not enough. An employee was dismissed for bullying a fellow employee, but was reinstated because the Fair Work Commission found that the policy existed but wasn’t made clear to employees, and that particular person wasn’t educated in what the policy meant in the workplace.

Do you need help developing your workplace policies?   We can help!  Call our office at 1300 717 721.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

Michael is a specialist in all things HR. With vast HR experience in the USA and Australia, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and advice to HR Central. When he's not blogging for HR Central you can find him out for dinner in one of Melbourne's newest restaurants.

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