Want to build a strong, cohesive team?


Want to build a strong, cohesive team?

Recently exhibiting at a conference, some of the HR Central team met attendee, Amanda Hoffmann, Bookkeeper extraordinaire, who was at the conference gathering information to further support her clients.

In discussion with CEO, Damien Gooden, Amanda heard of the importance of staff in any business, and how the right people or “the right fit” create positive outcomes.

Amanda thought it might be a good idea to interview Damien, to firstly learn some background about HR Central, and about Damien’s values and ideas around the importance of managing a team in a positive way, including building and encouraging them to “have a voice”.

Here is some of what Damien had to say:

Pain points of growth

  • Finding the right fit for your team
  • Getting the right people to surround you
  • Processing the right values
  • Fitting well into the company culture

Creating a team experience

Damien believes that incorporating a set process of training for new team members is essential. This helps them to identify their role and outlines what is expected of them clearly.

However, these processes can be fluid.

It is important to note down any headaches or pain points that arrive through the training process.

Then make time to review them with the team.

Damien explains that he does this in a open forum where staff can suggest and discuss alternatives…he also believes in an open door policy so staff feel encouraged to talk to him at any point throughout the day.

Click here to read full interview transcript and/or to listen to podcast

HR Central are an add-on Partner with MYOB and recently attended the MYOB Partner Connect Conference, at Jupiters Casino, on the Gold Coast.


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