Employees facing criminal charges

Having an employee facing criminal charges can be a sticky situation!

Do not assume that you can legally terminate the employment of someone facing of the criminal charges.

Employers must give any accused employee a chance to respond and to tell their version of events, no matter what the circumstances. When terminating an employee it is essential to follow correct process.  In previous cases, the Fair Work Commission's major concern has been procedural fairness.  Before you terminate an employee you must have
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Did the penalty fit the crime?.... Following his termination, a manager has failed in his bid to argue that, among other purchases, 14 massages were a "reasonable business expense". Over the past year, the engineer had purchased 14 massages, a blender, an Australia Day t-shirt, singlet and two boxer shorts, a pair of gym shoes and shorts, a three metre extension lead, a backpack, a duffle bag, two bathmats, a cooler bag, vitamins and a heater using his business credit card. Following an investigation, the company di
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