Small Business Shout Out!


Small Business Shout Out!

The apps are getting better; smart small business get the picture.

Don’t burn the midnight oil on manpower alone.

One thing (out of many) that COVID19 has taught us, is that technology in the workplace is fantastic protection against minimising losing business when lockdowns, restrictions and border closures are put in place (often with little notice).

Even without lockdown restrictions technology helps to glue teams together in our new world of remote working, helping us connect with our interstate/overseas colleagues and clients, and helps turn the productivity cog so meetings can continue, purchases can be made, data can be shared and filed.

Technology transverses all industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, communication, pharmaceutical, education and health. But it is not just large corporations that understand the technology and teams combination. More and more small businesses are turning to automate a part of their business function to stay in the game and focus on business growth. When combined with employee power you have the opportunity for powerful business advancement for any small business. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

In our world which seems to be moving at a speed that is hard for the most agile to keep up with, day to day goal delivery can be greatly strengthened when employees and technology work together.

Introducing technology into a project, or business function can automate tasks, collate, record and report on data, and be a great resource to support the delivery of work goals quickly and with minimum human error/team disagreement. (Computer says no!). In addition, there is no emotion in technology. It is purely fact driven. As a result it can help erase man made mistakes, eliminate employee vs employee disagreements and highlight areas when things go wrong. It ensures accountability because it is transparent.

Whilst there are still some small businesses that like the old fashioned way of manual handling of files and record keeping, because it may be too “hard” too “disruptive” or too “daunting”, know technology is not your enemy. It can help with employee performance, cut down on time wasting, save money and make the process more efficient. These days apps are so user friendly and are offered on very affordable subscription based models, if you can use a mobile, computer or ‘Google’ then you can use many apps for small business support. And it’s a good idea to get your head around what’s out there on offer.

For sure technology can’t replace the contribution that a good employee can to a business. But… when you incorporate technology into your business and leverage it against your employee strengths and talent, you maximise productivity, create a positive culture, and access most information you need in literally a few key strokes. It can keep projects on track, finances in order, identify gaps and manage employee data and performance.

If you are unsure where or what you should be looking at here are few commonly used apps for small business:

Accounting and Payroll: Xero, MYOB
Warehouse and Production Management: SAP, Oracle
Project Management: Trello, Monday
Sales Management: Salesforce, Hubspot
Rostering: Deputy, TANDA

So, if you want to save time, money, lift your team and focus on your business growth, consider the use of both people and tech to bring you in to the game.

Damien Gooden

Damien leads the HR Central team.
He has over 20 years working in and with small business. HR Central is the perfect vehicle for Damien's genuine interest for people, IT and problem solving.
Damien has a hands on role across the business, particularly the HR and development teams, and can often be seen around the country at various networking events talking all things HR.
He holds a Certificate IV in Human Resources from AHRI, Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (Application Development) from Monash University, and is a member of AHRI, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Computer Society.

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