Red Rooster – Underpayment of Wages

Red Rooster – Underpayment of Wages

This appeared in the Age newspaper today:

“Red Rooster will have to repay more than $645,000 to 3140 current and former employees – nearly half its workforce – after a self-audit taken in conjunction with the Fair Work Ombudsman”

The repayment is the largest among companies doing self-audits according to the FWO Ombudsman. The FWO confirmed that every single Red Rooster employee who was audited was underpaid. The audit covered 2011 and 2012.”

You would think a large and established business like Red Rooster would be fully compliant with the basics such as wage rates. Unfortunately this is not always the case as large businesses deal with a number of matters requiring their attention.

HR Central, as part of its audit process, can review rates of pay for your employees, avoiding the need to for this sort of investigation.  A minor investment in our services seems logical to avoid this type of back payment.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

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