Qualifications Tracking – stay in the know


Qualifications Tracking – stay in the know

How you can improve your qualification tracking without losing track of time…

A qualification does not necessarily imply competence.  “A qualification is defined as capacity, knowledge, or skill that matches or suits an occasion, or makes someone eligible for a duty, office, position, privilege, or status” (Business Dictionary).  Furthermore, a Qualification denotes fitness for purpose through fulfillment of necessary conditions.  For example these conditions may include; being a certain age, taking of an oath, completion of schooling or training, or acquisition of a degree or diploma.

A qualification comes in many forms depending on industry, type of role, level of responsibility or requirements for the position.  There are qualifications that require updating periodically or have an expiration date.  Whereas degrees, diplomas or specific training do not have an expiry date but are equally important to track and manage.  Implementing the right procedure or process for your business is integral to the success and accuracy of managing these qualifications.

As we move into a paperless society, many businesses are choosing to implement software to assist in the tracking and management of qualifications.  In order to, properly track a qualification a photocopy of the licence or certificate should be supplied when employment begins.

Respondents of a 2008 SAI Global report on Risk and Compliance in Australia suggested that:

  • Increases in appropriately skilled HR is the most likely way to improve processes and frameworks of the overall risk and compliance process (19% of all respondents).
  • The report also showed, better integration & increased automation with management systems would be helpful (12% of all respondents).

So what are the benefits of implementing software to track and manage your qualifications?

  • Automation of manual procedures – Moving to software to manage your procedures can save you time and money
  • Accurate recording of documents – Removing the risk of error in recording of documents
  • Notifications and follow up – Automatic reminders to update qualifications
  • Ensuring Compliance! – Implementing software can help your business maintain 100% compliance with your employees qualifications

Software like HR Central provides a cloud based solution to your manual HR and administrative tasks.  HR Central can help by tracking,managing and keep you updated on your employee’s qualifications. In order to remain compliant you need to be aware of the employees required licences, certificates and qualifications.  Furthermore, an automated process for your qualifications tracking will save the business a lot of time.  Not to mention taking away the stress of manual handling of paper files!

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