Reminder for Employers – Need to identify & control risks

Reminder for Employers – Need to identify & control risks

We have previously spoken about the need to conduct workplace risk assessments as a means of identifying risks within the workplace and then utilizing the hierarchy of controls to mitigate and hopefully eliminate  those risks.

The reason for the refresher is a recent case which demonstrates as an employer action can & will be taken against you for breaches of OHS acts.

A manager of a company had inspected a work site before a task was undertaken and identified the risk of a roof failing, but failed to inform anyone of the risk or to implement controls. 

A worker was subsequently seriously injured when he was struck by a  slab of coal. The employer was subsequently charged and found guilty of a range of charges which included:

  • Failing to conduct an adequate inspection of area
  • Failure to follow safe work procedure
  • Failing to conduct a risk assessment of the work
  • Accordingly – failing to ensure the task was conducted under safety.

Lesson: please ensure your manager & employees are properly trained and reminded of the critical nature of OHS rules and regulations and ensure whatever actions are identified  are carried out.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

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