HR Central and MYOB Incite 2017 Conference


HR Central and MYOB Incite 2017 Conference

The insightfulness of MYOB Incite 2017 is more than a mouthful of words!

Recently we posted about our integration capabilities, partners and the benefits of integrating software to get more out of the services you are using.

HR Central is on of MYOB add-on-partners.  Our software integrates with MYOB so that users of our software can access their payslips and leave balances within HR Central.  As a result of our partnership, HR Central recently exhibited nationally at the MOYB Incite Conferences.

MYOB Incite is a technology trade show that offers seminars, panels, business talks and MYOB Add-on partners (That’s us!).

MYOB hold the Incite conference every year all around Australia. Each year and each location can offer something different, to the eye of the beholder, that is. We find that there is a range of attendees at each event, all there for their own reasons. We meet anyone from accountants, bookkeepers, business owners, finance professionals and finance students.

Why you should attend the next MYOB Incite Conference..

  1. You have access to a large range of MYOB Add-on partners all wanting to help you and your clients! Partners like HR Central, Banking and lending providers, Time sheeting and attendance providers, project management providers, POS and Inventory software providers, the list goes on
  2. A little help can go a LONG way – You know your business and know that sometimes a different perspective or an industry professional can provide the answer you’ve been looking for, you just have to look and ask!
  3. Optimising your software services by integrating can reduce manual processes and increase efficiency in your business processes and your clients.

The benefits of your MYOB Add-on partners impact not only you as a business or finance professional but your organisation as a whole and the clients that you provide advice and services to.

We look forward to seeing your there Next Year!

For further information regarding HR Central and MYOB, visit our Software page.



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