Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day

With Melbourne Cup day just around the corner, it is important to remind employers take a few steps to communicate with your employees.

  1. Make sure you current policies are communicated to staff. Remind them of how much notice of sick leave absence an employee needs to provide, or what evidence is required in relation to any absences directly before or after Cup Day (e.g. Medical Certificate).
  2. Note the implications of non-compliance, for example, absences not accompanied by satisfactory evidence may be deemed as leave without pay or subject to counselling.


A company should never assume that employees remember what might have been said or written to them previously, sending out policy reminders is good HR management.

Michael O'Shaughnessy

Michael is a specialist in all things HR. With vast HR experience in the USA and Australia, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and advice to HR Central. When he's not blogging for HR Central you can find him out for dinner in one of Melbourne's newest restaurants.

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