Internships and Unpaid Work – What to Expect

Internships and Unpaid Work – What to Expect

As previously mentioned, the Fair Work Ombudsman has reported a huge increase in queries concerning the issues of internships and unpaid work.

In a stark rise, the number of people complaining about internships and unpaid work has almost doubled from 520 in the 2012/13 financial year to 981 in 2013/14.

The following quote from a spokesperson for the Fair Work Ombudsman should be very clear to any business trying to work around the system:

“Businesses disguising employment relationships as unpaid internships should know that the Fair Work Ombudsman is particularly concerned with this behaviour as it has great potential to distort the market and create unfairness for workers, potential workers and lawful businesses.”

Any business looking at taking on interns or unpaid workers should take heed. You must always be sure you pay people what they are legally entitled to. Uncertainty over your arrangements or obligations can be clarified with a call or email to HR Central.



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