Benefits of finding business system solutions. HR Central joins forces with MYOB as an Add-On partner!


Benefits of finding business system solutions. HR Central joins forces with MYOB as an Add-On partner!

As the old saying goes… Two heads are better than one!

Finding business system solutions can have huge benefits!

Recently HR Central joined forces with MYOB as an Add-On partner. This means that HR Central worked with MYOB to create an integration that will make easy work for our clients on-boarding to HR Central (getting started), as well as tracking leave balances, importing payslips and adding employee information.

So what is an integration and what does it do? System Integration can be defined as the process of bringing together multiple components into one system and ensuring the subsystems function together as a system. As the definition above describes, integration brings two systems together to create an additional feature or system to either one or both systems. In the case of HR Central and MYOB, HR Central access your employee’s information to sync back to HR Central.

Businesses choose to optimise HR Central with the external provider integration to improve internal processes and create efficiency within their day-to-day operations and HR management. When using multiple systems, there is the chance of double handling information. With the integration of MYOB and HR Central you can:

  • Join HR Central quick and easy with one simple sync of information
  • Make changes to your employees’ personal details and they will synchronise to HR Central
  • Allow your employees to view their MYOB payslips through HR Central’s document storage
  • Retrieve your employees’ leave entitlements and allow your employees to make better decisions about leave

The real benefit of integrating with external providers is more time in your day, your employees know where to find their payslips and you have full visibility of leave balances when approving employee leave requests. Optimise your HR Central profile and you day by integrating HR Central and MYOB. It will help your business to be more efficient.

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MYOB and HR Central

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