Compliance – Wages & Payslips

Compliance – Wages & Payslips

A national child care provider is set to repay more than $2.6 million in underpaid wages, to over 3,000 current and former staff, after conducting an internal audit.

This reinforces just how crucial it is for all employers to ensure their employees are paid correctly every time.  Being faced with such a huge cost that is completely outside your budget can have devastating effects.

With the engagement of a company like HR Central employers can implement structured processes which ensure their  employees all their entitlements and fixing problems which have been identified.

Payslips are a regular cause for concern expressed by the Fair Work Ombudsman. This type of case should be a strong reminder of the need to provide correct, up-to-date payslips to your employees. This is not a new issue for employees. Over the last year the record keeping and payslips section of the Fair Work Ombudsman website is one of the most visited sections..

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