HR Central – Supporting Small Business in Stonnington

HR Central is proud to be part of the Stonnington Council Community and is introduced in the July/August edition of "InStonnington"  in supporting Small Business. As a business that offers expertise, support, advice and guidance to small businesses in the area, HR Central CEO, Damien Gooden believes there are several factors that enable HR Central to deliver. One key factor, he believes, is the importance of having
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What are some of the Key HR Issues coming up for 2016?

As 2016 draws closer it is likely that some Key HR Issues will continue into the new year. Heading into 2016, there is likely to be more fallout from Oracle harassment ruling. For readers that may be unfamiliar with this case this was a high profile s-xual harassment case that is like to have ramifications for the year ahead. The Federal Court awarded a former Oracle employee $130,000 in compensation for workplace sexual harassment, which
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Having an employee facing criminal charges can be a sticky situation!

Do not assume that you can legally terminate the employment of someone facing of the criminal charges.

Employers must give any accused employee a chance to respond and to tell their version of events, no matter what the circumstances. When terminating an employee it is essential to follow correct process.  In previous cases, the Fair Work Commission's major concern has been procedural fairness.  Before you terminate an employee you must have
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At HR Central, we are constantly reinforcing the fundamental need for the importance of HR policies in the workplace.

The top tips for implementing policies in any business are as follows:

  • Make the policies simple and easy to read
  • Ensure your employees are aware of these policies and have access to them at all times
  • Train & educate your employees about what these policies mean in the workplace.
  • Keep records of all of the above!
On the surf
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OHS Key Points of Interest

Recently there have been a few different cases around OHS issues we thought it was worth summarising some of the key learnings.

OHS Key Points of Interest

  • Safe operating procedures for your business are essential.
  • Stay focused on your hazard identification and risk assessment process.
  • Your employees must be inducted and trained in your safe operating procedures.
  • Do not stop communicating and reinforcing your messages.
  • As the leaders of your organisation,
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Wage Growth

Wage growth is at an all time low... Australia is experiencing its longest period of low earnings growth since the early 1990s, according the RBA's latest monetary policy statement. It says average earnings per hour, "which incorporates a wider range of labour income payments and captures changes in the composition of employment, have been little changed over the year." While the wage price index increased by just 0.6% in the June quarter, the 2.3% growth over the year was the lowest annual rise since the index was
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What is the real definition of a casual employees?  Are you sure your employees are legitimate casuals?

A recent decision from Fair Work Commission are worth reading when you are considering whether the employment of a new staff member is actually of a casual nature, or whether there is a more permanent relationship. The Commissioner stated : “Each set of facts in each case must be examined and that, if the number of hours worked is small and the gaps between days and times worked is long and irregular t
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When employees query their wages and entitlements

The owner of two health clubs has been required to pay compensation to a casual fitness instructor who was stood down after questioning his entitlements. The Fair Work Ombudsman has ruled that the stand-down was unlawful and that the employee be reimbursed $2179 for lost wages. The worker suffered financial difficulties after losing his income and was forced to vacate his rental accommodation. Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says employees cannot be stood down for asking about their wages and conditions. It is ess
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7/11 – What now?

As the media spotlight fades and the dust settles on the 7/11 underpayment issue, the question everyone must ask is "am I going to do anything different with my business now"? The answer should be a strong yes, and at the top of the list should be to ensure you are meeting the minimum pay obligations to employees. This may include providing current wages sheets to all your locations and reinforcing the need to keep accurate employment records. Another option to consider is undertaking a HR Audit of all your employment
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