Annual Leave FAQs  


Annual Leave FAQs  

HR Central is often asked questions about annual leave so here here are a few of the top Annual Leave – FAQs asked of us:

Q1.  Who is entitled to annual leave?

All employees (except for casuals).  This is an entitlement which comes from the National Employment Standards (NES) which applies to all Australians.

Q2.  How much annual leave is an employee entitled to?

Full-time and Part-time employees are entitled to 4 weeks, calculated on a pro rata basis.  However, this may vary if your employees are shift workers or if they are employed under an EBA or contract which entitles an employee to more than the standard 4 weeks.   

Q3. Do employee still accumulate annual leave during a probationary period?

From the first day of employment (including a probationary period) an employee begins to accumulate annual leave.   

Q4.  When does Annual leave accumulate?

Annual leave accumulates during paid leave such as annual leave, personal leave and long service leave.
It also accumulates during community service leave or when an employee is completing Jury Duty.

Q5.  When does Annual leave not accumulate?  

An employee will NOT accumulate annual leave while on any unpaid leave.  This includes unpaid parental, personal or annual leave.  For example, if an employee took unpaid annual leave so they could go on a holiday they would not accumulate annual leave during this period.
Employees do also not accumulate annual leave during the Australian Government’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

If you have any questions about annual leave, call HR Central for trusted advice 1300 717 721.  

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