HR Services

Managing Human Resources for a business can be daunting and take up a lot of time.  At HR Central, we understand this and provide services for your business that are specific to each step of the employment cycle, to make life easier for you. We provide our services as either a one-off or, when you need more, an HR Specialist can come to your business for an agreed period of time.

Our extensive list of HR Services

HR Reviews – Improve your HR today!

Is your business legally compliant? It’s easy to find out. An HR Review (or HR Audit or Health

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Services to Manage your Everyday HR

Here’s just a bit of what we can do for you…

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We love helping you find the right people… And finding the right people is not as easy as it s

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On-Boarding & Induction

  Making new staff part of the team…from day one. How you introduce people in to your b

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Performance & Development

Your staff drive your business forward… A simple and meaningful performance review process wi

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Engagement & Retention. Keeping Good Employees.

How to make good employees stay… At HR Central we understand how important it is to engage and

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Insurance. You should have it for your business.

HR Central can help reduce your business risk. All companies insure the tangible exposures of proper

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Workplace Investigation

Accurate and thorough investigations are crucial to the successful resolution of a workplace complai

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